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City of Norwich Flag Initiative


The Flag Initiative Committee received 88 designs for the City of Norwich Flag. We have narrowed the field down to 8 options for you to vote on. Choose your 2 favorite designs that represent the Norwich spirit!

How to vote:
1. Use Stawpoll at
2. City of Norwich, New York Facebook page
3. Use the QR code below
4. In person at City Hall for those who choose not to vote electronically

Voting will end on March 14, 2024 at 11 p.m.

A City flag is meant to elevate community pride and represent the history and culture of our unique community – to show who we are and who we want to be as a City.
When creating your City flag design, you are encouraged to take a look at the North American Vexillological Association for guidance. The Flag Initiative Committee's decision will be based on five (5) principles of flag design that can be found in "Good" Flag, "Bad Flag" Guidelines (PDF). While these are not "rules", deviation from the following guidelines should be made with purpose:

Various small flag samples
  • Keep It Simple
  • Use Meaningful Symbolism
  • Use 2-3 Basic Colors
  • No Lettering or Seals
  • Be Distinctive or Be Related

When submitting your design, you must tell us why you chose the elements of your flag design and how they represent the City of Norwich. Other resources to help you with your design are the 2015 TED Talk by Radio Host Roman Mars , "Vexillum" June 2020 issue (PDF) and "Guiding Principles on Flag Design" (PDF).

Who can submit a flag design

The flag design is open to everyone, both adults and children. You do not have to be a City of Norwich resident to submit a design, but residency may be a factor in selection of the final decision.

How to Submit a Design

Designs can be emailed to or mailed to City of Norwich, Attn: Historian, One City Plaza, Norwich, NY 13815.


The design should be representative of the City of Norwich. When submitting your design, remember to include an explanation of the elements chosen, remembering to reference the 5 principles of flag design listed above. For example, if you use blue in your design, why did you choose blue and how does blue represent the City of Norwich to you? If you chose to use a wavy line, what does the wavy line represent? Think out of the box - elements are representational, not necessarily literal interpretations - but they must in some way relate to the City of Norwich. Avoid elements already associated with other entities such as "Tornados" that is already associated with the school etc.
We look forward to your submission!

Timeline for the Flag Initiative

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances we have had to delay the announcement of the final flag design.

Hey Parents!
Let your child create a flag just for and about them! What do they like to do? What's their favorite color? Do they play an instrument or play a sport? Use this guide to help your child create their own personal flag!

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