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Disasters are going to happen, but if you're prepared you can reduce the threat to life and property. Disasters take many forms. They're caused by gale force winds, sudden floods, releases of deadly chemicals, fire, ice, even upheavals of the earth itself. When disaster strikes, the best protection is knowing what to do.

To find out more about disasters and steps you can take to prepare, select a disaster or other topic below for further information. The links provided will open a remote site in a new window. We have no control over the content on these sites

Chenango-County-HMP-Public-Outreach (PDF)

It is important to consider the plight of animals during disasters.

The American Red Cross puts out several publications on how to prepare your family for emergency by having a household disaster plan and supplies kit. The publications marked PDF are in Adobe Acrobat format, which requires the Acrobat reader. Download here. These links should open a new window.

  • Your Family Disaster Plan (PDF)- 4-page, 3-color brochure describing four steps to disaster safety--finding out what can happen, planning, preparing, and practicing
  • Disaster Supplies Kit (HTML)- 4-page, 3-color brochure that gives information on how to assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit and a checklist for items to place in it.
  • Emergency Preparedness Checklist (PDF)- 4-page, 3-color brochure helps families examine ways to prepare each household member and their home for disasters.
  • Disaster Preparedness for Seniors by Seniors (HTML)- 20-page flip-page booklet giving disaster preparedness information with special emphasis for older adults.
  • Disaster Preparedness for People With Disabilities (HTML)- 46-page booklet designed for use by anyone who has a disability or who works with, lives with, or assists a person with a disability. Has information on possible disaster effects, assessing personal needs and abilities, suggestions about forming a personal support network, and fill-in-the-blank checklists.
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