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Emergency Operations Center

The Emergency Management Office/Emergency Operations Center is housed at the Norwich Police Department located at 18 East Main Street. When the City of Norwich faces an emergency and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is activated, the department works with appropriate City departments, as well as various County, State, and Federal agencies to respond effectively and quickly to provide for the continuity of services to the public.

Emergency Operations Center
Radio Room

In 2003, an expansion of the Emergency Operations Center was completed. This move was done to allow for the creation of a joint City/County EOC. The County's outdated EOC, located in the basement of the Sheriff's Office, was closed and all operations were moved to the expanded City/County EOC in the Norwich Police building. This state-of-the-art facility is able to provide back-up communications in the event of a radio failure at the County Communications Center.

The Emergency Management Office, working with the Binghamton Office of the National Weather Service, monitors regional and national weather information for its potential impact on the City. This is particularly true during flooding and severe storm seasons.

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